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Covid Rules

Covid 19 Rules

Symptoms of COVID-19 include:

● Fever
● Fatigue
● Dry cough
● Difficulty breathing

Do not come if you are sick, have symptoms of COVID-19, or have come in contact with someone with COVID-19. Masks are not required outdoors. However, it will be beneficial to you if wearing one. Hand sanitizer lotion will be provided at several locations. At all times, maintain 6 to 10 feet distance between other people. And in all places.

In order to minimize the risk of acquiring COVID-19, avoid touching your face and maintain a distance of at least six (6) to ten (10) feet from others, unless they are from the same household. Children should stay with the parents or remain outside with another adult.

Cutting Trees

All tree farm saws will be sanitized by one of our representatives after each use. Cutting assistance will be provided for those who wish not to cut their tree.

Handling/Loading Trees

Gloves and face masks will be worn by our helpers when handling your tree. We will help load your tree on or in your mode of transportation. However, if tie down is needed, you will be required to tie your tree. And if assistance is needed, Parry’s Tree and Lily Farm will require you to open and close all doors, then stand away from your vehicle.


Payments will be made inside the “check-in” shed. And masks are to be worn while paying. Hand sanitizer will be provided and required to use before entering and upon exiting. Only 6 persons will be allowed inside to pay at once. Children should remain outdoors or inside your vehicle when paying.

Thank You! Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!