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Parry’s Tree Farm 45627 NW David Hill Rd. Forest Grove, OR  97116 503-348-9601
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Parry’s Tree Farm FREE Products & Services for Christmas

Trees.  We Offer More FREE Services than Other Tree Farms!

FREE Butt Squaring Once your tree is at the landing and after shaking, we square and give the butt a fresh cut and trim any branches to  your specifications so it will fit and stand straight in your stand.
FREE Loading/Tie Down Assistance FREE loading and top Tie Down assistance with any tree!
FREE Tree Saw

Free Tree Saw

You can use our GREAT tree saw to cut your tree. These are not your typical bow saws and will not get stuck or break while cutting! Large cutting teeth and a comfortable handle makes cutting your tree a breeze!
FREE Cookies Cider & Cocoa Come inside for a cup of FREE home made cider, hot cocoa, or cookies.

FREE Holly &

Other Greens

Purchase a tree and get free greens, including variegated holly, make your own table decorations with our free tree cuttings, and more!
FREE Wifi  Check in with us for your password before using our FREE Wifi connection.
FREE Shaking FREE tree shaking with our super shaker, we can shake up to a 16 ft. tree. Shaking helps remove dead needles, spiders, and other critters that winter in the trees.
FREE Cutting FREE cutting assis- tance for any size tree! We know that  some-times the trees are difficult to cut the traditional method so we will cut them for you with our chain saws!
FREE Hauling Our tree farm has many roads that make carrying your tree out easy. However, at times you may need assistance. Your tree is tagged and marked so all you have to do is pack it to one of our “haul” roads and we will do the rest!

FREE Pure Water

Dispensed Cooler

FREE, pure water dis- pensed from our cooler!

FREE, Clean, Outdoor


Our Sani-cans are cleaned and sanitized weekly and provided by Hillsboro Sanitation (Ronjon’s Unlimited)
Cell: 503-348-9601

   Parry’s Tree Farm     

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FREE Lilies! FREE Lilies with purchase of any tree or wreath!