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Parry’s Tree Farm Purchase Products & Services for your Christmas Trees
Tree Preservative PET SAFE! Prolongs freshness, ex- tends tree life & retards needle drop. Scented with natural evergreen oils 8 oz. liquid concen- trate makes 8 gallons. $2.00/2ozs. $6.00/8ozs.
Tree Bag/Skirt BIODEGRADABLE! Hate the mess of clean- ing up? The biodegrad- able Christmas Tree Skirt and Removal Bag is a perfect way to solve your dilemma! Simply unfold the bag then place it under the tree stand. When removing your tree, just pull the bag up around your tree and twist for easy carry out!. WATCH OUR VIDEO $2.00.
Tree Baling Keep Moist Ease of Handling! It’s a proven fact...your tree will stay moist while transporting. Plus, ease of handling and mounting your tree straight  is a breeze. Mount your tree in the stand while baled. Once in the house, just pop the strings! Tada!! $5.00 per tree up to 12’!
Waterproof Floor Mat Protect Your Floor! Absorbs and traps spil- led dirty water to pro- tect carpet and floors. Never worry again about scratches or when watering your Christmas Tree. Also works great for other uses, too!. Decorative green color. Folds or rolls up compactly for easy storage. Durable, will last a lifetime. 36” Round $19.00.
Discount Trees Our discounted trees are healthy trees. They may have a broken top, or a top that is “off set” from the center, a hole where a branch might have broken off, or a tree that just will not perform to our stand- ards. They are 30% to 50% off current year tree prices.
Tree Stands Our Rebar Tree Stands make your holiday Christmas tree experience less stressful and more enjoyable!  Make a one time purchase and bring you stand back each year then we will shake it, bale it, and mount it straight on your stand FREE! Prices vary depending upon which size stand you purchase.
Watering Spout Santa’s Magic Watering Spout. Simply place the green spout inside the tree (make sure the tube reaches the bottom of the stand), and use the velcro to keep the funnel in place.  After pour-ing water into the funnel, filling the stand, place finger over the plastic tube, then lift out to check water level in the stand. $9.00
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